Limited Edition - Tyson Fisher



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Offshore Flow

If the conditions are just right, winter sunsets over the ocean can bring some of the best color of the year. During a record setting cold snap in 2009, I decided to head out to the coast to experience some of the unique conditions there. The temperature was below freezing, but the seas were calm. I hiked out to the very end of Cape Kiwanda to a scenic spot where the wave sculpted sandstone drops off into the Pacific. The strong east winds the state was experiencing at the time kept the marine layer at bay while bringing in some high clouds from over the coast range. These clouds serendipitously settled right into place as the sun dropped below the horizon. This was my first attempt shooting the coast with my 8 x 10 setup. Oregon

Fujiflex Supergloss Limited Edition Print

20 x 24, Edition of 10 (First Tier, Prints 1-3)


30 x 40, Edition of 10 (First Tier, Prints 1-3)


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