Limited Edition - Tyson Fisher



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Steens Spring Sunrise I

This photograph was taken on the far side of the Alvord Desert below Steens Mountain. The cracked mud was only beginning to dry out after the long winter and many pools of milk chocolate colored water remained. I found this neat zigzagging channel of water one afternoon and felt it would make for a strong photograph if made under the right light. I returned the following morning while it was still dark and waited for sunrise to work its magic upon the landscape. Moments before the sun touched the eastern face of Steens Mountain, the scene was bathed in an amber glow. It was more than I could have asked for and speaks to the power of the desert and the need to protect these wild places, Alvord Desert, Oregon

Fujiflex Supergloss Limited Edition Print

20 x 24, Edition of 10 (First Tier, Prints 1-3)


30 x 40, Edition of 10 (First Tier, Prints 1-3)


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