Limited Edition - Tyson Fisher



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Steens Sunbow

This meteorological phenomenon will always be one of my favorite subjects to witness and photograph. This particular sunbow was so intense and so bright that I could feel its energy radiating downward. For two nights I camped high atop a mountain peak overlooking the Alvord Desert. This peak, a lonely isolated summit in Oregon's remote southeast corner became a very special place for me that spring. Over a 4 week period I watched it transition from winter to spring and, finally, summer. I watched the cactus flowers grow; I felt the sting of snow and sleet as it drifted across big open skies; and I observed the winter snowpack slowly fade from the precipitous eastern face of Steens Mountain. This spectacle of refracted sunlight took shape one afternoon, filling the entire sky as it brightened with intensity. Before the sunbow disappeared, double rings appeared around its outer fringes. It was the most extraordinary example of a sunbow I had ever seen. I had just enough time to expose one sheet of film before it dissolved into the afternoon sky, East Steens, Oregon

Fujiflex Supergloss Limited Edition Print

20 x 24, Edition of 10 (First Tier, Prints 1-3)


30 x 40, Edition of 10 (First Tier, Prints 1-3)


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