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Green Point Mountain Glory

This rare meteorlogical phenomenon, known as the Spectre of Brocken, briefly appeared below Green Point Mountain while I was on a trail run in the Columbia River Gorge. I was resting on the 4,700' summit when a shaft of light broke through the clouds, momentary illuminating the area surrounding the mountain. When I stood up, there below the ridge crest was my magnified shadow projected forward onto the sunlit area of mist-shrouded forest below. It grew in intensity for 5 seconds then gradually faded as passing clouds obscured the sun. The colored rings surrounding my shadow are caused from the diffraction of light as it passes through the water droplets in the air. I had time enough to snap 3 images. This particular shot was captured when the light display was at its peak. The lake in the upper right is Rainy Lake. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

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