Limited Edition - Tyson Fisher


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Eagles Perch

Two weeks of winter travel through the southeast Oregon desert culminated in this sunrise view over the Owyhee River. I scouted the high rimrock above the canyon the day before, startling a golden eagle from this very perch. After studying the landscape I decided I would return to this spot the next morning. I awoke early and could smell a change in the weather from inside my tent. The previous 10 days had been clear and sunny; but overnight it snowed lightly, dusting the landscape in a powdery white veil. I put on my headlamp and hiked through the darkness a mile or so from my riverside camp to this incredible vista. I quickly set up my view camera, shielding it from the intermittent snow showers passing over the canyon below. A low band of isolated clouds brushed past, dissipating as the sun rose and the coyotes began to sing. Owyhee Canyonlands, Oregon

Fujiflex Supergloss Limited Edition Print

20 x 24, Edition of 10 (First Tier, Prints 1-3)


30 x 40, Edition of 10 (First Tier, Prints 1-3)


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